6 or 7

The other day I was ina local department store and decided to buy new undies. I figured it’s been a while and they start to look ragged so this is a perfect opportunity.

I know my current underware are all size 7. Some fit nicely and others are a bit big. So I picked up two packages of 7’s but something made me stop and look at the packages. On the back it said if you were a 6 to 10 you wear a 6. Hmmm. I thought I was a 7, but i usually wear a 6 maybe an 8 but mostly 6’s. All this time I’ve been wearing the wrong size. So I put those packages down and picked up 2 packages of 7’s.

I am currently sitting at my desk at work feeling my waist muffin top my new underware. It is not a pleasant sensation. It’s like wearing a vice under my clothes.

Looks like I am a 7.

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