I recently was asked about my daughter. I think they were looking for a she’s beautiful or she has a personality. Neither of those words came out of my mouth.

I said, “Clever.”

She’s clever. She knows things i haven’t taught her and am not sure anyone did. She just watches and figures things out. While some is mimicked behaviors some seems altogether too perfectly timed for it to be cooincidental. Here’s my examples:

I walk in the house after work, she rounds the corner, looks straight at me and says, “Hey Babe.” No one is our house says this.

While giving her a bath she tells us her birthmark is from Ty Ty. We have to explain Ty Ty is our friend not the one who gave you a birthmark and that God gave you the mark. She now says God and Ty Ty gave her the mark.

Recently she has been walking around yelling shoot, which sounds like shit and holy moley, which sounds like holy moley. I hear her drop something followed by about 5 shits and a holey moley. Who is this kid?

She put me in time out for throwing something. I can’t even remember what it was but she said,”No Mama. Bad seat.” And proceeded to walk me to a timeout area that I had never used.

I look forward to more clever responses. She knows more than I think she does, that’s obvious, but as a teacher I thought I’d be close. I have an idea of developmental milestones. This kid is way past all of them.

At this point I’m hoping she turns out more like her father. At least from ages 5 to 25 or we’re all in for a wild ride.