Cooking dinner

As a child we grow up eating whatever our parents cook. If you grew up in a house like mine, you didn’t question what is was or ask anything about it if you wanted dinner. That’s a lesson learned quickly when you make a comment about it and suddenly you’re going to your room without dinner.

And is it dinner or is it supper. I feel like supper is more widely used in my area than dinner. Dinner sounds so formal.

Now, as the head chef, actually the only one comfortable enough to be in the kitchen, I am in charge of supper.

Normally this would be no big deal until you do this for a couple of years and then you feel like you’ve cooked everything you could think of and now everything sounds like we just ate that (even if we didn’t).

So then the dilemma begins. What should I make for supper?

Some people plan their weekly meals ahead of time. I am in awe of these people. First, you have the patience to sit down and actually think about this and then make a list if things you’d need.

Second, how do you know you’re going to want that on Wednesday? It’s only Sunday. I don’t even know what I want to do 5 minutes from now let alone days from now. And I have a two year old. So feeding her is like playing Russian Roulette. It might go in her mouth and stay there or it might come flying back out at any point, first bite or tenth.

So I try to cook for everyone but end up making two simple meals, hoping we eat both and usually we have too much food as leftovers. (Leftovers that sit until someone gives in and eats it. Not because it’s gross, becuase we already ate it.)

Then I’m still not sure what to make other days. I suck at making grocery lists because of this.

Instead, I just send my husband with a general list and throw things together when I dig around for ingredients.

Surprising, it usually works.

But I always feel unprepared and stressed about the weekly menu.

I almost wish we had one of those giant bingo ball tumblers filled with recipes and every week we randomly selected five for the week. It would at least be more entertaining than sitting at a table looking at recipes and trying to decide if I want to make or eat this.

Any suggestions?

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