Prior to having a child I would see people walking their children with leashes on. I was mortified. That’s not dog thats a child!

How could they knowingly put a leash on their child?

Then I had a daughter. She smart, beautiful, and amazing. She picks up on everything and learns quickly. Welp, in the blink of an eye she was walking and then she was running. Running everywhere. Running because it was funny to see me run after her and reprimand her when I eventually caught her. She is small but fast. After running and looking like a fool trying to catch her I quickly realized that this running had become a safety hazard. I mean, what if she runs in the street or the parking lot or into a stranger’s grasp.

So that was it. She got a leash. It’s plain, black and velcros in the back. She wore that leash proudly. My kid is a leash kid and I’m proud to say it.

The Runner.

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