Hiney update

So last week the broken hiney saga continued.

After the x-rays came back fracture and the emergency room doctor declared a broken bum, I set up an appointment with the local orthopedist. Six days after the fall I had a second opinion.

He wasn’t just any doctor. This guy was good looking, intelligent and witty. And now he’s going to look at my rear-end troubles. Oh lawd! I cannot decide if this is embarrassing or awesome.

The orthopedic surgeon entered the exam room and stated I did have a fracture. A level one fracture, but not my tailbone.

Interesting. I can’t sit but my tailbone is fine. Ok, so where is the break.

That fine hunk if brains explained, I broke my sacrum.

My wha?

Oh, that. Great.

So yeh my ass is still broken.

I still cannot sit and unbenounced to me, this is an old people fracture. A common geriatric fracture. So now my good looking doctor is calling me old.

Recovery time is estimated at 6 week or longer.

Can it get anymore asinine?

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